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The Calgary Flames are in need of a goaltender and with the recent addition of Brian Burke who is familiar with James Reimer, GM Jay Feaster will be contacting Dave Nonis on the asking price for Reimer.

The Oilers and Maple Leafs held several trade discussions last year, but were not able to make a deal. The Maple Leafs are looking at center Sam Gagner. If a deal cannot be worked out for Gagner, expect the Leafs to target Paul Statsny.

There are some rumblings that Dion Phaneuf could be in play. GM Dave Nonis has said he’d trade just about anyone.

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6 Responses to Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumors

  1. Nate Goodyear says:

    What would it take to get Jumbo Joe out of San Jose?? with Logan Couture signing an extension and Marleau and pavalski both able to play center…. Joe is expendable. Even at 35 he still has some good hockey left in him and would be great on the top line and being a mentor for colbourne. get’er done!!!!

  2. Brian Burke says:

    *Trade Phaneuf to Edmonton for 7th overall pick (Draft Valeri Nichushkin)
    *Trade Kadri, Leafs First and Riely to Nashville for Weber.
    *Trade Gunnarson and Fratin to New Jersey for Anton Volchenkov.

  3. Scott says:

    I don’t think The Leafs will want Luongo as his contract is too expensive. I think they will re-sign Bozak and search around for another centre as well plus they need another Dman to alleviate some work from Phaneuf.

    Reimer did very well being in his first play off round and he displays a lot of promise..His glove hand and five hole are all workable to be corrected.

  4. game guru says:

    I still think the Toronto Maple Leafs will trade for a goalie in the summer. Reimer is good but not great, he has a weak glove hand and his five hole is open too much.

    Luongo will be a Leaf in the summer… book it!

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